Precision milling of complex components is a critical element in highly specialized equipment production and manufacturing.

However, finding a service provider with the expertise and equipment to make precision-machined products can be a challenge.

Gen-El-Mec specializes in complex milling and turning, providing precision quality machining for short or long run production, or for creating prototypes. Our facilities combine trusted, dependable manufacturing operations with innovative machining techniques and strict adherence to quality control. Maintaining a consistent environment through facility climate control lets us meet the demands of our customers.

Our clients require a level of precision machining that reaches beyond the average range of tolerances. Two examples of early work, which established our expertise of machining, are the Lunar Orbiter and experimental processes leading to the development of the Hubble Telescope. Accommodating this level of precision requires a combination of knowledge and expertise along with precision CNC milling, custom CNC turning, and precision wire EDM.

Value-Added and Secondary Services

GEM includes a number of value-added and secondary services to provide solutions for the various challenges of our clients, which include:

In-House Laser Engraving
Associated with tight tolerance machining is a commitment to precision engraving. We accomplish this using an in-house laser to meet the demands of labeling and branding requested by our clients.

Quality Inspection with CMM
Evidence of our commitment to the highest level of quality assurance we provide to our clients comes in the form of our CMM inspection equipment. Included among them are a Zeiss PRISMO Navigator 900/1200/650 Scanning CMM with Calypso/Curves, and a Zeiss Contura G2 AKTIV Scanning CMM.

Outside Processing
Our equipment is not the only area of expertise made available to our customers. GEM’s purchasing department also handles outside processing.

Parts Delivery
Another way of demonstrating our solutions-based commitment to our customers is through parts delivery in state.

Other Services
Though we aren’t a one-stop shop, GEM is both willing and capable to overcome whatever challenges our clients might present. This is a reflection of our commitment to provide the best possible level of customer service.

Contact GEM for Any Additional Services

In support of our commitment to precision machining, Gen-El-Mec solves any problems and challenges from our clients through these additional services. Our primary and secondary services meet the needs of aerospace and semiconductor industries as well as other industries that require precision machining of complex components.

Contact us to learn more about our range of solutions or request a quote from one of our experts.

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