Gen-El-Mec has always understood that being competitive goes beyond production capabilities; being competitive also means being good to both your employees and your environment. Since our move in 2012, we have placed an emphasis on our carbon footprint. It initially began with an incentivized material recycling program, started by our President Dean, assuring all chips were recycled properly. In 2016, we had our building outfitted with a state of the art, 290kW solar panel system. This has reduced our CO2 emissions by almost 700 tons and is equivalent to planting over 10,000 trees to date.


In 2017, all light fixtures both on the shop floor and in the offices were replaced with LED technology. We continue to purchase office supplies made from recycled material and reduce our plastic use wherever possible. Each employee also receives a personalized coffee tumbler because no effort is too small. We continue to look for opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint while maintaining our quality products and customer service.